The Final Countdown

With less than 24 hours left before we get on a plane, we are experiencing a wide variety of emotions. There's been tears, laughter, excitement, dreaming, and a real heavy dose of reality this past week. We've also been listening to a steady diet of The Final Countdown this week.....because why not?

A week ago, we gathered in Tampa with nearly 30 YL Africa/Middle East staff and over 250 Americans for our annual summit. It was full of celebration, testimony, worship, and as always - dancing. During our time there, we spent a couple hours praying over the continent. A large map was spread across the floor enabling intercessors to see cities and countries for which to pray. At the end of the time of prayer, we were called to the map, placed on the country of Malawi, and the photo above is us being prayed over and commissioned to go and trust Jesus to use us as He transforms a country. Overwhelmed, we stood - palms up - in the center of praying mass whispering, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus."

Phase one...

Yesterday afternoon, we loaded up our suitcases in our mini-van (affectionally known as "The Two-Toned Wonder") and left Greenbrier County, WV.

Phase two...

We packed, unpacked, repacked, weighed, and reweighed our suitcases at my parents house until we ended up with eight suitcases weighing exactly 50.0 lbs! We also got one more home-cooked meal - complete with FRIED SQUIRREL :-) After spending last night with my parents, we are headed to Columbus, OH today where we will spend a night in a hotel before flying out early tomorrow morning.

Moving forward, our hope is to keep our website ( updated with pictures, stories, and blog posts. We will do our best to send out regular email communication as well, but following us on social media is a pretty good way to keep up with us.

- Instagram: --- Carly: @carly.l.brady --- Zack: @zbradymus --- YL Malawi: @younglifemalawi --- YL Africa: @ylafrica

We can't say thank you enough! Many of you have been walking with us for years, and there is absolutely no way would could have done any of this without you guys. So come see us, pray for us, and know how very very grateful we are! Onward! Zack, Carly, and Ellie Jo

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