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In December 2013, a young lady from Oklahoma, Sarah, Adams was tragically killed in a automobile accident in Malawi. She was on YL staff there, and was just beginning to gain traction with the international schools. During her time there, she paved the way for Young Life to be in the international schools, and her influence will continue to echo into eternity. 


I've had the privilege to meet and spend time with her mom, Jan and older sister, Andi. Then, in June 2018, they flew me out to Oklahoma to meet the rest of her family and celebrate Sarah's life. That week, in partnership with musician Christopher Williams, Sarah's family hosted a house concert to help raise funds to provide Bibles for the 1000+ teenagers who attended YL Camps in Malawi over the summer of 2018! 


Getting to be a part of raising nearly $20,000 was an absolute highlight of my summer! 

Her family continues to honor Sarah's legacy by purchasing Bibles for Young Life Ministry across Malawi every year. 

Sarah's life ended prematurely, but her legacy lives on! Her motto of "Everyday Love Changing Everyday Lives" resonates in the hearts of her friends and family from Oklahoma to Malawi and across Africa.


Please visit  to get a glimpse of this amazing woman and the lives she touched....and continues to touch.

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