In Young Life, support is usually raised from financial partners in surrounding communities. Young Life Africa operates in a different paradigm. Many of the communities where Young Life operates in Africa are impoverished and unable to provide adequate support to operate Young Life locally.

The countries we serve, and our indigenous staff that serve as Young Life leaders to the kids of those countries, are supported directly by individuals, small groups and churches. These “Sponsors” partner with our African and Middle East staff by supporting them financially and in prayer. Sponsors are frequently transformed spiritually through the relationship they develop with our staff as they pray for them, visit them in their African cities or villages and partner with them to reach and love kids. 


Covers the staff cost for Young Life in an African or Middle Eastern community (Village or Urban area).

Salary, taxes & benefits, travel, training, club costs

  • £9,400 non-DGL ($12,000 US) per year

  • £4,700 DGL Graduate ($6,000 US) per year


It costs an average of $50 per kid to send a kid to Young Life Camp in Africa. For a limited time, if you donate or raise $7,500, a group of donors will MATCH your funds enabling you to Sponsor an entire Young Life Outreach Camp in Africa or the Middle East. Give hundreds of kids an opportunity to have the best three days of their life and hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.Go here to learn more and view an awesome video describing camp in Africa.

Sponsor entire camp for kids (Est. 300 to 400 kids)

  • £5,895 ($7,500 US with Matching Grant of $7,500 US) per year


Sustain Young Life in an African or Middle Eastern Country. Covers office, communications, legal and accounting, programming for Young Life Clubs. Also covers travel, training, and supervision of staff not covered by Staff Sponsorship.

  • £27,500 ($35,000) per year


Learn more about sponsoring Young Life on an entire continent.

  • £275,000


Short term expedition trips allow for teams to serve at a Young Life camp in Africa and work along side our National staff as “work crew.” Upcoming Expeditions Trips include:

  • Young Life Soccer Camp, Nairobi, 28 Dec – 5 Jan



We ask for a minimum 3-year commitment from our sponsors/ministry partners.  Sponsorship can be paid in installments as desired by the Sponsor (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).


100% of sponsorship funds go directly into the supported mission.  There are no fees, overhead, service charges or other reductions in the funds provided; all funds flow directly to the sponsored country or Young Life area.  As noted above, overhead and camperships are paid for outside of the sponsorship model.


What is the overall objective of Sponsorship?


Objectives of Sponsorship are twofold: (1) provide a sustainable/reliable source of funding for the operating costs of Young Life Africa/Middle East; and (2) establish a foundation for a Sponsor to enter into mission partnership with a Young Life Area or Regional Directors in Africa or the Middle East.


  • Sponsorship is designed to be an active, not passive investment.

  • Over the three-year term of the Sponsorship, it is intended (but not required) that the Sponsor will develop relationships with staff members and will visit at least once.  Young Life Expeditions can assist in arranging a visit and handling logistical details.

  • At some point most Sponsors discover an irony…we need these staff more than they need us.  



Sponsorship calculated in Pounds at an estimated conversion rate to the US Dollar. Subject to fluctuation with current exchange rates. Gift available for all financial sponsorship/partnerships.


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Since 1941, Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of teenagers around the world.


Since launching in Africa a little over a decade ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching almost 1,111,000 kids in a growing number of African countries. But we have done this by reaching one kid at a time.

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