Currently, there is very little evangelical presence that we know of on the campuses of the six international schools in Malawi. Each school has its own administration, rules, and set of hoops to jump through to gain access.

Our goal will be to eventually gain access to all six schools, but we will do that slowly over a period of 5 to 10 years. In the first year, we hope to recruit and train eight volunteer leaders who are making an impact in their community and empower them to serve as missionaries to the local international school. 

Another goal in our first year is to establish a two-fold committee. One side from the Blantyre community and the other from the U.S. Our hope is that the Lord will provide adults, college students, and others from the Blantyre community to rally around these schools and see them reached with the Gospel. 


Overall Impact in Africa

Young Life introduces adolescents to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith.  Africa, meanwhile, is a continent of young people with over 75% of the population of sub-Sahara Africa under the age of 25. 


Since launching in Africa a little over a decade ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching almost 1,111,000 kids in a growing number of African countries. But we have done this by reaching one kid at a time.But we have done that by reaching one kid at a time.  An African proverb teaches the “slow way is the fast way” and that proverb has guided our vision for reaching every kid in every country in Africa.


Our senior Young Life leaders observe that it takes three years for the mango tree to bear fruit, but once it starts, the mango produces fruit in season…for over a hundred years!  Contrast that with the tomato bush, which produces fruit in less than three months, but then dies out, never to produce again. Check out the short video below to learn  more about the Leadership Tree model:




Our Fundamental Principles

  • We lift-up, glorify, and introduce Jesus Christ in all we do. Simple as that.


  • We go and invest in relationships with leaders, kids, and families to model the love and hope of Jesus in their lives and communities.


  • We become friends with kids and their families and journey alongside of them.


  • We are called to make disciples who make disciples using a proven method called the Leadership Tree.


  • We know the slow way can be the fast way when it comes to reaching every kid in every country.


  • We are ruthlessly committed to finding, equipping, and empowering local leaders to reach kids in their own countries and local communities.


  • We develop sincere relationships with adults who love kids and boldly ask them to partner with the mission and vision of Young Life Africa/Middle East.

  • We are committed to supporting the local church to build and encourage the body of Christ in each country.

  • We rely on a strong interdependent partnership between Young Life Africa staff  and Young Life in the United States - a sharing of gifts and resources. We believe God has blessed the Young Life Africa family with unique gifts (faith, love, life in the Spirit) which are desperately needed in the United States - we want our friends in the U.S. to experience these and grow together.